Validating text files

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Rich Text fields don't have the Input Validation event, so you can't directly validate the field.

But you can set up another field to do the validation.

In the second one, validation will only happen if there is one or more legitimate characters - no spaces, tabs, or new lines will be allowed.

In the third one, validation will happen if there are legitimate characters or if there's an attachment somewhere on the document.

Here, we talk about some ways to validate a rich text field.

validating text files-72

validating text files-64

Furthermore, the entire rich text field will be selected and deselected.

But what if the user can put in an attachment and no text?

You can easily add a check to the start of the validation to see if the user added an attachment.

And it has to be legitimate text - spaces or new lines won't cut it.

(Note that a single space in the rich text field would pass the validation above).

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