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Ted later tells Marshall and Lily the reason behind their break up, but ask them not to tell this to Robin. However, Future Ted says that Robin finds out at a later date. I said my oven needed cleaning; I invited you into a porno! Victoria: [Her and Ted have decided not to tell each other their real names] You can call me "Buttercup". You're someone's fiancée, and I have to respect that," and says he's going to drive her back. It involves a game of truth or dare, a squeeze-bottle of marshmallow ice cream topping, and the hot tub at my grandparents' retirement community.Once he gets near the church, he remembers great memories with Victoria, and decides to drive past the church, where they hold hands and drive off into the sunset. Victoria: [Shot cuts to an all-black screen] Older Ted Mosby: Kids, I know I tell you a lot of inappropriate stories, but there's no way in Hell I'm telling you this one.However, Ted tells her that although he is not in love with Robin, she is like his family and he can't end that, and asks her if she can accept that. However, Victoria tells Ted: "I really hope you get her someday" and walks away crying. Wow, this is kind of exciting; our names will forever be shrouded in... This is similar to the first time the two meet one another, in which Ted looks across the room and sees Victoria at the wedding.

The two then share an intimate moment kissing, even after he figures out that Victoria is engaged. She then tells Ted that the reason that none of his relationships have worked is because Robin plays a huge part in his life.

Klaus tells him that he can't get married, and then leaves to take the train to the city. Victoria: Then why are you picturing what Robin looks like naked?

Ted climbs the drainpipe up to the dressing room window, grabs the notes and the keys, but leaves Klaus's note in Victoria's room to make it look like she read it and then ran off. Ted: I'm not picturing - Okay, even if I am picturing that, it's only because you put it in my head. Lily Aldrin: [In the bathroom, Lily and Marshall are eavesdropping...

He then drives away with Victoria again, but has to stop at the Farhampton train station to ask Klaus why he didn't want to marry Victoria. Victoria: Ah, but I am just a manifestation of your subconscious, so actually, you put it in your own head. I've thought about this a ton and I was hoping it wouldn't come to this, but...

He tells him that although Victoria is wonderful, she is not "the life long treasure of destiny" for him, but "almost the thing he wants, but not quite". I'm not in love with Robin, but she's like family to me, and I can't end that. Victoria: [Looks at ted sadly] I really hope you get her someday. Because the beauty of a moment is that it's fleeting.

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