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Many of the members have posted several photos of themselves which is useful.In general the more details someone posts on a dating site the more serious they are about finding a partner.To find your ideal Vietnamese bride on the Saigon Darlings website there is a basic search facility where you can search on age and which country the woman is from.Search results show a photo of the lady plus a few details like their age and when they last logged into the site.However, like most dating sites, Saigon Darlings does have a free membership option so it's best to try the site's features before you spend your hard earned cash.Sometimes there are special membership offers available like a discount or free membership of their other dating sites, so check the website for details.It's claimed that many of the ladies on the site speak English, which makes it much easier to correspond with them.Click on a lady in the search results and you'll see a few more details about her like height and weight, her occupation and whether she smokes or drinks.

There are cheaper and safer alternative Vietnamese dating sites out there.

Other features of Saigon Darlings include a few basic pages of information about the Vietnam, including useful travel information.

There is also a brief FAQ and an email contact form.

I'd like any recommendations for websites where American and other western men meet Vietnamese women.

I've seen but am not too impressed - although I've not signed up for a membership yet.

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