Vms updating an indexed file

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If I right-click to edit the files in the shared folder, gedit sees the new content.

But if I then copy the folder containing that file (copy from source, paste to destination), then edit the copy, the copy ends up with the stale contents.

Per ticket I previously opened (on github, vagrant), it seems to be an issue related to the syscalls of sendfile. The communication between host Windows and virtual machine is made using virtualbox shared directories.

I can provide my image if necessary --- it's a vagrant box.

If the browser tried to retrieve file throw nginx - it recieved old version (also with some special chars at the end of file).

At the same time apache was working normal, vim and other programs inside virtualbox were showing right version of file.

But updating each VM separately takes a lot of time to download the required packages and also uses massive amount of bandwidth (which I'm running out of).

Is it possible to transfer the updated files by Not an explicit answer to your question, but have you considered setting up an apt proxy?

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