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Ashe's panel members included: Andrew Edmond, CEO, Flying Crocodile Inc.; Dr.

Jeep’s Wrangler SUV is known for scaling mountains and crossing rivers.I will be glad to see the i Phone on Verizon for the same reason that I am glad The Beatles are finally on i Tunes: so that people can stop talking about it and speculating about when it is going to happen.That said, I've paid enough attention to Verizon's customer service reputation that I'm not convinced that I would switch.Competition is almost always a benefit to customers, so I am hoping that the arrival of the i Phone on Verizon will give customers more choice about calling plans, data plans, and (heck, let me dream) more reasonable SMS pricing. Danni Ashe (and early in her career sometimes as Danielle Ashe) (born January 16, 1968), is an American retired nude model, former erotic dancer and pornographic actress who is the founder and former CEO of Danni's Hard Drive, a pioneering adult web site. She has been an industry advocate and testified before a government panel. In an interview, Ashe once explained her career choice: "I guess I'm an exhibitionist. Part of the reason is that I developed huge breasts at an early age and breasts are a very sexualized thing.

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