Watch duggar dating rules

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A lot of times we take it as a lesson, and we ask other people who are older and wiser than us to share wisdom with us about relationships.

The Duggar family has revealed some unusual “courting” rules, as two of their daughters currently have boyfriends.

Courtship, however, is meant to be a well-defined path to marriage.

The Duggar family believes that courtship includes “waiting for the one God has for you and praying through the whole process.” Young men who are interested in courting one of the Duggar girls must first approach their father.

Caleb's Instagram shows pictures of himself holding baby Mason, the youngest of ex "19 Kids and Counting" Josh and Anna Duggar.

The picture is confusing because he looks so much skinnier with the baby than he did in Michelle Duggar's photo on Facebook.

Jim Bob and Michelle are the parents of 19 children.

The fundamental Christian family is currently featured in the hit , is currently in its 8th season.

They also have numerous household rules, which restrict outside influences and require the children to maintain a clean-cut and “modest” appearance.Is he working at weight loss to court Jana Duggar, or are the pictures just misleading? Caleb Williams doesn't attend the He's a Christian but doesn't specify the denomination.He also said he's not so keen on the no-touch business that characterizes "19 Kids and Counting" courtships.No big deal there--the reality television favorite Jana is always rumored to be with a new man.But this guy doesn't share the Duggars' faith and may defy Jim Bob Duggar on the courtship rules!

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