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As Thai men are raised this way, a good Thai man will practice this with a Foreign woman as well.

If you meet a Thai man and on the first date (or shortly thereafter) he expresses interest in having sex with you, you can state a price.

The world I know in the West considered that prostitution. Prostitution, she explained was a trade practiced by bar girls who worked specifically in establishments catering to the practice.

I explained that the exchange of sex for money in any way is considered prostitution in my culture.

For Thailand solo travel and safety tips, in addition to Thailand information you won’t find in traditional tourist guides, please visit my post Tips For Women Traveling To Thailand.

Tinder is a two-player game that statistically benefits women.

She knows exactly what she is looking for in her future partner.

I asked, “If I’m dating a Thai man and we’re going to have sex and I want him to respect me, should I ask for money?

” The request for money was something a number of Foreign men I had spoken to experienced with Thai women outside of the sex trade.

Some of my confusion laid in the following: Now insert the widespread generalization that Foreign, mainly white women have the propensity towards free sex.

This belief in conjunction with its definition in Thai society seemed to be a source of contempt and attraction depending on who I spoke to.

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