Welcome party dating game

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One group goes into another room, such as a bedroom, which is called "the post office".To play, each person from the other group individually visits "the post office".Once there, they get a kiss from everyone in the room. Once everyone in the first group has taken a turn, the other group begins sending members to the first room. You need javascript and cookies enabled to play this game.The game is unique in the sense that your actions dictate the gameplay and story direction heavily.

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For more on gaming content restrictions, please read the Gaming Content section in our Community Guidelines.Users are already creating and sharing stories on the game's forum, and we are excited to see what the player community creates next!The game is still in beta, and there are still some placeholder graphics in place in the demo video you see. The game in its current state has plenty of game play available and comes with full immersive stories with the option to download new stories from the forum.Titles may be restricted if they are sufficiently extreme by a single element of the game (e.g.sexual content, violence, intent) or several elements in aggregate violate our policies.

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