What men are attracted to in online dating gay dating sites like

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Focusing on your looks will attract people who want you just for your looks.Yes, men want women who are attractive, but we also want women who are confident enough to be measured by their actions in life. But don’t paint a utopian picture either because then it feels like it’s contrived.

Let’s say you’re corresponding with a great guy online, meet in person, and never hear from him again.No man has any of those on his “ideal partner’s traits” list.2) it’s totally redundant.– Someone who’s reading an online profile and wants to know more about you will ask.3) it’s annoying.– Ladies, would you feel compelled to take the time and spend the money to write a man who can’t say anything more than just, “ask me”?If you come across a profile like that and immediately think you already have something in common, well… If you’re too lazy to spell check, use proper grammar, or have a friend proof-read what you’ve written, it tells us you’ll put even less effort into a serious relationship. Not demonstrating intelligence in your profile will turn off men who are.It’s actually nice to see women list some common clichés as interests so you do come across as somewhat normal and down-to-earth. That sounds so cliché, but it’s so not always the case.For example, weekends away or hiking through the forest. Read this story about Kathy as a prime example: n the online dating world ladies, you are allowed to contact us as well by sending us a “kiss”, “wink”, “flirt”, or whatever.

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