When does inuyasha and kagome start dating

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The demon also eventually comes to accept the girl, all the while protecting her through the... The two shows also follow a monster-of-the-week format, with the girls becoming more and more adept in their new jobs(helping and killing respectively). An ordinary girl is thrust into a new, supernatural world and has exciting adventures, along with a white-haired, animal-eared companion to bicker (and eventually fall in love) with.

The only difference is that Inuyasha is of the action/adventure genre and has a overarching plot line(big baddie) whereas Kamisama has a more slice of life feel to it with no endgame. And both can also be considered to be a bit reverse harem-ish. You loved it(seems legit)..now it's over..I know that you feel sad! Kamisama Hajimemashita will surely fill a big gap in your heart! Nanami's Sacred Word Binding over Tomoe is a lot like the beads of subjugation, only more specific.

She then somehow binds him to herself, and eventually falls for him despite his apparent rudeness(after all he's a jerk with a heart of gold). - Both main characters are human/animal like "Spirits" - Both main characters have this carefree attitude - Both stories relate to some human girl falling in love with this spirits - Very comedic like - Both want to protect what they love or care for.It gives the same feeling that Inuyasha gives but doesn't take itself as seriously. Kamisama Hajimemashita is a little like a new-age Inuyasha. Both series heavily feature magical powers and 'Youkai'.In both cases, the main male lead is a youkai (dog in Inuyasha, fox in Kamisama Hajimemashita) who was once in love with the female lead's previous form/predecessor, as well as both female leads having a key plot object inside of them.Both female leads can travel back and forth through time as well as having to solve problems created by the youkai.

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