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“The first track I wrote was ‘Hallelujah’,” he says of a gospel-goes-funk song released 10 months ago and whose video has had almost 15 million You Tube videos.

“And at the time I didn’t have an album in mind, [nor] this full vision for an album.

I think it's as hot as the next girl, but I'd rather them be straight.

At The Disco Brendon Urie gushes over female singers that have inspired his own artistry, including Beyoncé, who is "queen for a reason." Watch the 2017 GRAMMY Awards, hosted by James Corden, on Sunday, Feb. Plus, subscribe to CBS All Access to stream Music's Biggest Night live.

I love what Sarah had to say about their day: It was very important for us to have this day reflect our love for one another, something beautiful, romantic, whimsical, and unique.

Every detail really came together the day of and we became very emotional when we finally got to see it all at once.

“I’ll pop open some rosé, sit by the fire, we’ll watch some Netflix and chill, bro?

The band’s fifth album is an explosive, colourful rock album, shot through with not a little dancefloor energy.

It speaks of one change in the 28-year-old’s personal circumstances – three years ago he married Sarah Orzechowski, an aesthetician (a skincare specialist) from Detroit.

To me, flowers really do add a big romance factor to a wedding’s atmosphere. Being the over-thinker that I am, I had a couple of stressed out moments where B reminded me of what the day was truly about - simply our love, and that the rest will all fall into place.

Again, it felt like we tore a page out of a fairy tale. It totally did, when I saw everything the day of I took a giant sigh of relief and was taken away at how gorgeous it turned out. I would just like to thank every single person/vendor that had a hand in putting together our dream wedding.

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