Who is dating whitney mixter

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According to cast members of The Real L Word’s third and final season, the answer is an emphatic yes.

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So, on one hand it was good because we knew all the shit that was going on—but on the other hand, it caused distrust. Whitney is my soulmate, and I know that we would have ended up together, no matter what.

It was very hard for me at first, in the beginning of the process, to open up and be myself on camera—I had to learn how to be OK with being vulnerable.

I felt like I was vilified on the show, but I kind of grew a tough layer and was able to defend against what was said about me and still hold my head up high and face the world, so to speak.

I never watched an episode of this series, but Whitney Mixter is sexy, imo.

I remember her writing somewhere that she had to cut them because of the pressure they were on her neck and it being unhealthy.

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