Who is dwyane wade dating now

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“She’s challenging, complicated, messy,” Union says. “She progresses and regresses, which at times as a viewer is frustrating.One minute you’re rooting for her, the next you’re rooting against her.”Like her character, Union is anything but cookie-cutter.“I have to be touched and moved by the experience, the words, the story.I definitely can’t go back to cash grabs anymore.”, the true story of Nat Turner, who led a slave rebellion in Virginia in 1831.

She has lobbied for increased funding of rape crisis centers across the country and has testified before Congress about her experience.“What happens to her is one of the things that sets in motion one of the most successful slave liberations in the history of our country.to screw up this incredibly important, powerful film,” she continues.“I just really wanted to—not only as an actor, but as a sexual-assault victim myself—convey the powerlessness that one feels, the voicelessness, the terror, the heartbreak, the physical, emotional, spiritual devastation.This experience was extremely powerful and moving, and it happened at the right time in my life, when I needed to find more purpose in my work.

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