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I just saw the commercial the other day on TV in the hotel room, and thought, yeah, this is awesome! "Sometimes her parents come to my shows when she’s not there but to see me, which is really nice," he said. Reinhart was taken into custody and charged with punching a bouncer in the head, according to the Palatine Police Department.I adore American Idol, but also love The Voice, Glee, X Factor and more!

So I wanted to have a definitive version of these songs we play live all the time."Funding his own project, he said, will help preserve the truth in his musical output.“It’s like a nice fitting glove.” Detailing his bond with Reinhart, the status of his health and what Jennifer Lopez said she’s going to miss about him, Abrams, 20, speaks to PEOPLE. Did you ever hope romance would blossom between you two? Everyone got a kiss at the end of the night while you were singing your final song, except Haley. "I really like doing stuff for myself and making all the calls and doing it exactly the way I want to do as opposed to someone investing money.You can’t get all your artistry out because that is all of their money on the line," he said.

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