Who is jay hernandez dating

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“I’ve read so many storylines and usually you are just one set type of character. I’m brought in to shake things up a little bit and at first people may think I have bad motives, but as the story goes on you see that it’s more complicated than that.” What do you think makes this series different from the rest of the military dramas?

“Of course you want critical acclaim, of course, but what matters is what the fans think,” Kinnaman said.I would trade this for anything.” Do you stay in touch with Kirsten Dunst? I see her from time to time at different events and we have mutual friends, but that’s about it.” How do you stay in great shape?“I really try to stay away from fast food and I don’t smoke. I love running.” With Thanksgiving coming up, what are some of your favorite holiday traditions? We don’t get to spend a lot of time together, so I really look forward to it.How do you think you have grown as an actor since then? I was so young when I landed that role that I didn’t know that much about the world.Since then I feel like I’ve really built a career in acting and have been fortunate enough to work with amazing directors and producers.

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