Who is jeff lewis dating

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While many of us may think the couple will undoubtedly opt for escalating their ongoing relationship with the arrival of a daughter in their lives, but the couple appeared to be facing some issues between them.

So, what is currently happening with the relationship between the duo? It won't amaze you if a man produces a baby being in partnership with his wife, but it may seem uncanny to you for what Flipping Out's Jeff and his partner came up with.

The show is centered on designer Jeff Lewis in Los Angeles, California, his project manager Jenni, housekeeper Zoila, business manager and boyfriend Gage, and his other assistant(s) and helper(s).

For the first season the show revolved around Lewis' flip projects as he renovated homes and re-sold them for a profit.

And a month later in October 2016, Jeff, along with Gage, welcomed a baby girl named Monroe Christine Lewis.

The baby bliss was short-lived, as the two didn't appear to be in good terms after the baby's arrival which apparently seemed only because of the pressure of the fatherhood.

In addition to his own flips and client's projects, Lewis has expanded his portfolio and brand.

A gay couple story of Jeff Lewis and Gage Edwards is one of such stories, but meanwhile, their connection appears to be shaking much often.Since then, Lewis has posted plenty of adorable pictures of the little angel, but his partner Gage has not been part of any of those social media posts.While Jeff has always loved to make fun of Gage, he accepts that he has a feeling of love and respect for him.Jeff Lewis is widely regarded as America’s most well-known house flipper.Throughout his career, Lewis has created a brand of properties that are in harmony with and are exemplified by exterior and interior design.

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