Who is jonny lee miller dating

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A pal told British tabloid the Daily Mirror, "Angelina has her heart set on them going back to LA but Jonny has made it clear he doesn't want to go.She's been bombarding him with calls begging him to change his mind.And Dotzenrod knows Thornton means business - she reportedly told a pal, "I can see Billy Bob is still in love with Angelina. We were not meant to be." The actor split from his wife when their adopted baby Maddox started taking over her life.A pal says, "Now he's telling friends, `It was tough for me at first, but I realize I was selfish.' He knows it's not going to be easy getting Angie back." But all is not lost, according to America tabloid National Enquirer.A fellow diner at Claridges Hotel tells British tabloid The Daily Mirror, "They were all over each other.Angelina had draped herself over Jonny and they were giggling away.

They have become mythical figures since Trainspotting came out." » Hollywood babe Angelina Jolie's renewed friendship with ex-husband Jonny Lee Miller has "put a smile back on her face".The American star, who filed for divorce from Billy Bob Thornton in July after an intense two-year marriage, is currently in Miller's native Britain filming the sequel to Tomb Raider - and has managed to restore relations with her first husband, who she says she still "loves." Although Miller failed to return Jolie's calls upon arriving in the country two months ago, since his split from his actress fiance Lisa Faulkner last month, the pair have started talking to each other on the phone several times a day.A source reports, "Angelina is on the phone to Jonny all the time now that she's back in London.He's going to finish the novel first and take it from there.I finished it and think it's amazing." However, Boyle believes original stars Mc Gregor, Robert Carlyle, Jonny Lee Miller and Ewen Bremner will team up for the film if he can produce a great script.

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