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You can split atoms, hairs, decisions and restaurant checks—but the Trumps? In the grand tradition, some, like Billy Bob Thornton, have more failed marriages (four) than hit movies (one).

They split themselves this summer, each from the mate they once saw as a vast improvement. Others, like Vanessa Williams, get a soulmate, children, a home in the suburbs—then decide to make a switch. In at least one instance, a lucky gal became unshackled from Charlie Sheen.

From certain angles, the year looks like a pageant of partings. Here in the following pages is a look at where love has gone for Hollywood’s latest wave of achybreaky hearts.

ONE-MINUTE MARRIAGES Charlie Sheen and Donna Peele Married: Sept. 19, 1996 Sheen, 31, has assault charges that have stuck longer than he did to model Peele.

From the beginning the couple, who had fallen in love on the set of ’94’s Dumb & Dumber—both soon after leaving a first marriage—had a hard time staying on track.

Known first as the tough but sensitive Deputy Maxine Stewart on the Emmy Award-winning "Picket Fences" (CBS, 1992-96), Holly garnered critical acclaim for her refined performance in "Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story" (1993) and drew raves for her comedic prowess opposite the then new comedy giant, Jim Carrey in the less-than-sophisticated hit, "Dumb & Dumber" (1994).And don’t they speak on the phone every single day—even if it is just to discuss their 12-year-old son Redmond (who lives with his mother)?“Oh, golly,” says Fawcett, 50, when asked if she’ll ever reconcile with her live-in love of nearly 18 years.A striking and intelligent leading lady, Lauren Holly found success as an actress in both television and film.Known first as the tough but sensitive Deputy Maxine Stewart on the Emmy Award-winning "Picket Fences" (CBS ...

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