Who is reed kelly dating

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But unlike some others, they say they want to stay with the church they love and work for change.Their story — echoed by so many LGBT Christians — is one that needs to be told.At the same time, he invited them to serve in other roles and reaffirmed his desire to help them feel welcome and included in his congregation, which draws more than 7,000 worshippers weekly. “Me and my wife, Laura, are deeply involved in Josh and Reed’s lives,” Lentz said.“We have had ongoing, face-to-face discussions about God, sin, life and Jesus, because this is what you do in a church.” In turn, Canfield and Kelly profess gratitude for their pastor and the rest of Hillsong’s staff.Lentz recognizes the obstacles he faces, but he said that won’t stop him from trying to find a way forward.“(Hillsong’s) heart on this matter is to reach all people, even communities that present extreme complexities,” he said in an email.

One of the most influential evangelical churches in the world has both reaffirmed its commitment to traditional views on sexuality and has shown a level of openness and flexibility on the matter that would have been difficult to imagine even a decade ago.Soon after, he met Kelly and they both served the church faithfully in various capacities.Kelly even hosted (but did not lead) a Bible study group in his home for the church. Carl Lentz, the lead pastor in New York,that they were getting engaged, which triggered a series of personal and ongoing conversations.“At Hillsong, we take the time to sit at the table and hear their pain and hear their journey and consider their thinking,” Lentz said.“And when it is time to speak back to these people, we can speak from a place of observation, not condemnation.” Lentz said his priority was to “make sure that these amazing guys weren’t mishandled or mistreated.” Prior to the publication of the Playbill article, Lentz spoke to Houston about the situation and, as a result, asked Canfield and Kelly to step down from their leadership roles.

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