Who is tina majorino dating

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Nancy went on to win silver at the 1994 Winter Olympics just weeks later.

Stiles had continued success in her acting career, including landing roles in the Bourne franchise and the 2012 box office hit “Silver Linings Playbook.” From 2012-2014 she starred in the series “Blue.” In 1996, Danes became the subject of every female’s jealousy, when she starred opposite Leonardo Di Caprio, in the film adaptation of William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet.” In 2010, she played the title role in “Temple Grandin.” Her performance received high accolades and she won an Emmy, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award.She also dabbled in singing and even won a Grammy award in 2011 for Best Hawaiian Music Album.Marisa Tomei began to make a name for herself in the industry, after she played the recurring role of Maggie Lauten on Bill Cosby’s “A Different World.” However, Marisa became an international star when she played the feisty auto mechanic from New York, Mona Lisa Vito, in “My Cousin Vinny,” in 1992.Recently, she announced she will be the executive producer on a documentary about eating disorders in sports.Sarah Jessica Parker started out the 90s, with a recurring role on TV show “Equal Justice.” In 1993, she landed the role of Sarah, alongside Better Midler, in “Hocus Pocus.” However, Carrie Bradshaw was the relationship guru and fashion icon in the late 90s, thanks to actress Sarah Jessica Parker.

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