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In 2004, Trina Braxton appeared in "The Walk" with Eva Pigford and Vanessa Bell.and was host for the unbroadcast Urban Idol for UPN."I've got a few female features that I can't talk about," she reveals, "but it's going to be great." The new project's first single is "I'm Single Again," which will be serviced this weekend to U. Trina Evette Braxton (born December 3, 1974) is an American singer, actress and reality television personality.Her solo debut single, Party or Go Home, was released on March 22, 2012.In October 2015, the group including Toni, Tamar, Traci, Trina and Townada, will be releasing a new material intituled Braxton Family Christmas as five members.

They also performed in Toni Braxton: Revealed at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino until R&B singer Sparkle replaced Tamar in 2006 and fellow former Braxtons member Towanda Braxton replaced them.However, the group never released an album or single for the record label.When Reid moved on to work for Atlantic Records, he convinced executives at La Face to allow him take the group to Atlantic also.[Verse 1] When the party's over, let's get together Come to my house, bring the cuffs and leather But first let me tell you what's on my mind In between these legs, everythin' is mine Gotta beat this good 'til the break of dawn Be the only real nigga that I'm slobbin' on Come between these thighs and give this thing a kiss Now come on baby, we can do this You say you don't pay on the first date Well you ain't no boss and I ain't gon' wait I'm a bad bitch and a pissy prin Attitude kinda cocky, yeah, a little sadity You can lick this ass up and down Lick it 'til your turn turn dodo brown Don't try to be stiff and give me a kiss Now come on baby, we can do this [Verse 2] Lock me lock and load, then ride your face Don't put your tongue in it 'til you say your Grace Your lips smackin' is all I hear Give me that head then I wanna swear Gotta beat me good like a [?] When the police come, I don't know nothin' But I'm still like like big toes suckin' 'Cause without that bag, we ain't fuckin' I need a tongue that's long and a back that's strong Bring a whole lot of kush that'll get me in the zone Now beat that meat, aim to hit it Now when you shoot that nut, let me babysit it A lil nasty hoe, red bone But a classy hoe, real jazzy hoe Don't be scared and if you curious, just ask me, hoe And yes, [?

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