Who is wes borland dating

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"I’m much more of a ‘Let’s do it and get it out,’ where he’ll just keep working on something until he’s happy with it, even if it takes years.

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But the truth is that Fred‘s just not happy with what he’s working on – he’s not happy with it.

I know many people who have a similar attitude towards our band (I was one of them 10 years ago when I quit) and in these weeks leading up to the release of the album, I’ve been promising myself that I wouldn’t succumb to curiosity by reading reviews, and I did.

I was told that there were starting to be several great ones, so I read them and they totally got it and hit the nail on the head as far as identifying with our intention.

The encouraging soundtrack to aggression & intimidation became the Limp Bizkit MO. The question I keep returning to is, what brought you back?

With your talents, why identify with this monstrosity of character?

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