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However, those few are clearly marked with a “Genre alert! The most recent batch of romantic K-dramas has been more angsty and edgy, making it harder to find good rom-com fun.

So I’ve started to add a few rom-coms from other Asian countries, just to give you more options.

The office scenes are often hilarious (due to two of my favorite supporting actors, Kim Kwang Kyu and Yoon Joo Sang), making fun of its hierarchical system and exposing social hypocrisy. This drama is just right for the teenage audience (or the teenager in you): Three hot guys, an adorable Park Shin Hye and lots of shenanigans and complications make for a fun viewing experience. Even Yoon Joo Sang is funny as the permanently grumpy angel of death.

It’s difficult to find any fault with this rom-com. A supernatural melodramatic rom-com with a promising set-up: A clumsy delivery man with loan sharks on his trail dies in a traffic accident and leaves a teenage daughter behind. This is certainly a drama of emotional extremes (and lots of tears).

The plot is generally well-thought out and moves steadily ahead – no annoying repeats going over the same ground – and with only a few minor stumbles. He returns as a ghost and possesses a stranger for a few hours every day to help his daughter deal with his accident. It bounces back and forth from slapstick comedy to melodrama, with a murder mystery right smack in the middle. In the end it’s a story about romance and parental love.

It’s certainly funny to watch how Jo Jae Hee keeps clashing with social expectations around him and see the social pressure to get married at work. Yoon Eun Hye plays a spoiled and spunky heiress who gets entangled with debt-ridden Yoon Sang Hyun but is also wooed by Robin-Hood lawyer Jung Il Woo. It might take a few episodes but Gu Dong Baek will slowly grow on you.

But aside from the hero’s curious personality, there’s really not much new or interesting here. His unselfishness and amiability mark him as a fool (hence the title – which might also give a nod to Dostoevsky’s novel ) in a corrupt world where everybody follows their egoistic interest and everything can be bought.

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