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It still blows my mind that we agonize over whether or not to send a casual text message to a person we literally just slept with a few hours ago.

He was just in your box, you’ve earned that spot in his inbox.

The preemptive strikes, the leaving in the middle of the night and deleting phone numbers to avoid the temptation, solved nothing.

I was to blame for the perpetuation of the myth that I belonged to an elusive tribe of females who gave away everything and demanded nothing in return.

I finally had the chance to try my hand at Tinder when my hair stylist friend let me play on her phone while she doused my scalp with a fresh batch of bleach.

I have since learned a few valuable lessons about relationships: 1) You’ll never get what you don’t ask for.

2) People aren’t mind readers, so tell them what you need.

On multiple occasions, I watched the guy I had feelings for (and whom I’d been sleeping with) flirt with another one of the regulars at the bar.

I overheard her telling her friend that he’d sent her a Lakers calendar and flowers for her birthday. They hadn’t even slept together and he was already buying her presents. Naturally, I didn’t mention it for fear of looking crazy.

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