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His daughter and my daughter started talking, and the conversations continued through our fancy dining experience of nuggets and fries. I couldn’t help but to feel this sinking feeling in my stomach, that something I hadn’t felt in ages appeared and left so quickly.As we were finishing up our lunch, to my surprise, Shawn’s four year old daughter came strolling up to my table.When asked about the declining divorce rate, Wendy D.Manning, co-director of the NCFMR, clarified that “I think it is important to consider that the marriage rate is also declining so there are fewer men and women marrying.” However, just because a mom and dad do not get married, does not mean that they do not have a relationship, live together, parent together and, from the child’s perspective, enjoy a family life together just like their married counterparts.From my perspective as a family mediator, parental break-ups – without the “benefit” of divorce — mean that the children born of those relationships will suffer through the same repercussions as do children whose divorcing parents were married – but without many of the financial protections that are built into the divorce process.Often times, parents have spent many years building a life together.You know when people say they just knew, blah, blah ,blah. Something lit up in me that I thought was forever gone.

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If both parents are working and make a good living, this is not always the end of the world.As I alluded to in the last blog, my divorce was a bit painful. About six months after my divorce, I was out with my girls on a Sunday. No, I was not going to be vulnerable, so I thought it best to close myself off from every opportunity. I wasn’t exactly filled with self confidence, nor did I feel attractive or sexy.The traditional “family order” is being reversed at an increasing rate: Kids are being born first; mom and dad may or may not decide to get married in the future; and mom and dad may or may not live together, without tying the knot. Though the statistics are not completely clear, it seems that couples are trying harder to stay together.In my mediation practice, the vast majority of clients have done of everything in their power to stay together before they make the decision to divorce.

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