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Professional with the same or higher education and income. I figured she knew what she was talking about.) He has to like to read. The first site I joined was American Singles (I think it’s called Spark now), which advertised at the time as a site for singles over 40.My guy is not necessarily classically handsome, but attractive, in good shape, healthy, and clean cut. This site was recommended to me by someone who met their spouse on it.Not a smoker or a pot smoker (yeah, that's a thing out here). Due to my limited social availability and the overpopulated area where I live, he has to be within 45 minutes of me. I determined that most of the men I was interested in on that site were only interested in much younger women.Interestingly, I checked out the women members and saw that most of them had professional and/or glamor photos done.I am also active in the fine arts and pursue other interests as well.TDG: What were your circumstances that led you to online dating? My husband was killed by a reckless driver about a year and a half after we relocated here for his job.My job can be very physical and even dangerous, so I need to be what they consider "fit for duty".

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Unfortunately, there were very few members in my area that I had anything in common with (one, exactly), and I didn't date anyone on this site in the year I belonged.

I don't rush into things, and online dating is not conducive to slowly getting to know someone.

I was on Yelp and learned about Our Time and some local over 50 groups on one of the forums.

I also like that captions can be added to your photos.

I have been a member for less then a month and haven't met anyone in person yet, but I have a lunch date scheduled.

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