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This book offers advice to women of all ages on how to do . It was hard trying traveling and making movies and taking care of two small ones.There's neat segments interspersed about Raquel's life, her regrets, mistakes, hardships and blessings. Throughout the book there is a theme of teaching girls about dignity and self-respect. She said that she watched as slowly the studios became more accommodating to women. There was also a lot of pressure for Raquel to show nudity in some of her films, but she stood her ground and never took off her clothes in any of her films.

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Yet, for many years after making her Hollywood entrance as every man’s fantasy, Raquel Welch was best known for her beauty and sex appeal. After reading this book, it is apparent that today, in her early 70s, she is not only a savvy entrepreneur and businesswoman (best selling wig line, among other things) but also a wise, witty, and modest women who has come a long way from her early sex symbol days in Hollywood. I will be thinking about this book for a long time. Was, and am still quite blown away by how much hard work goes into maintaining a Hollywood appearance even if one is born with good looks.

Now She didn’t hatch out of an eagle’s nest, circa One Million Years B. A private person, she allowed people to draw their own conclusions from her public image. And, with the luxury of hindsight and the benefit of experience, she has plenty to share about the art of being a woman—even men will find it enlightening to read about what makes her tick. She still suffers for the choices she made that affected her young family. Her struggles to keep to her moral code in her movie choices were inspiring as were her schnippettes about her private life and the importance of family.

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