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Here’s what to do if you think you might be one of them – and even if you don’t. Yahoo has said that people who are affected will have been notified – but there’s no guarantee that you will have heard yet, and Yahoo might not even be able to get hold of you if your account is especially old.

Given that 500 million accounts have been compromised, the chance of actually knowing and hearing from Yahoo or anyone else is very low, and the chance of being caught up in it is high.

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As the editor of Make Use Of Answers I see a lot of tech-related questions every day.

This question reminds of the Flying Spaghetti Monster.

As founder Bobby Henderson says: With millions, if not thousands, of devout worshippers, the Church of the FSM is widely considered a legitimate religion, even by its opponents””mostly fundamentalist Christians, who have accepted that our God has larger balls than theirs.

Sex determination, though illegal, is still practised in India, which is grappling with a severe male-female ratio.

According to UN data, India's sex ratio has been on a steady decline: from 976 girls to every 1,000 boys in 1961, the figure for the girls has come down to 918.

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