Accommodating ell students

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When reading new material, she tends to stumble over some of the academic language.

She frequently tries to make connections to her native language by using her bilingual dictionary to find a definition and practice her pronunciation of the new vocabulary.

These language-based accommodations are critical for English Learners to access grade level material on their own.

When we are assessing students knowledge of the content rather than their knowledge of the English language, accommodations are essential.

Dictionaries allow students to see the context in which the word is being used.

For Fatouma and other English Learners, accommodations during both testing and instruction provide access to a higher level of academic content that they are unable to comprehend on their own.

When used daily in instruction, students' confidence will increase and their language skills continue to develop until these scaffolds are no longer needed.

She is eager to learn English so that she can communicate better with her classmates and continue to pursue her dream of becoming an Oceanographer.

With support, she can answer explicit information in texts, summarize content area material and present an argument, while using evidence to defend it.

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