American attitudes on interracial dating

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Because these Marxists feel betrayed by the very people they have sponsored, primarily through massive immigration into the United States after passage of the 1965 immigration act.What has occurred since then is in fact more friction between these different racial or ethnic groups.These new "people of color" immigrants were supposed to act in unison to depose White hegemony as the first step to a return to Communist egalitarianism.They have not done that, and instead they have pursued their own interests and have as much hostility in general for Blacks as Whites do, and very often much more (see Kevin Mac Donald's paper ".In fact, the hate portrayed against Whites in this book was just a tad less ludicrous than Malcolm X's The End of White Racism, where Whites are portrayed as beasts with tails and all, no better than dogs. The very fact that Whites are so accepting of any and all races today, unlike in the past, poses a great threat to these Marxists.

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Throughout the book, it is always "White men" who are the oppressors, as if the White women were some other species or race.

But this is why social science has strayed so far from the rest of empirically based science in the last few decades, and why it is so dominated with Marxists.

When it comes to explaining the Black-White disparity in earnings, wealth, health, and a myriad of other social pathologies that afflict Blacks, social scientists never include in their studies the fact that Blacks have an extremely low average intelligence.

Apparently, within the inner essence of these WASPs, they are maintaining a racist system in order to continue the oppression of Black people to further use Black labor for their own financial gain. But where and how these WASPs still have the power or control to do this he doesn't really address.

In fact, most people who put forth such conspiracy theories are usually looked at with great skepticism or as just plain paranoid.

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