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The interview was cute, and it seems his co-star from Think Like a Man, the hilarious Kevin Hart, must have rubbed off on the delectable Ealy, age 38.When Williams asked him about his relationship with Taraji P.“Or they’re afraid to approach me.”The recording-breaking FOX Hip-Hop soap opera has already generated a huge fan base in just its inaugural season and has Henson poised to potentially make history as the first Black woman to win an Emmy Award for lead actress in a drama series. “[A relationship] will come when I’m ready for it,” she admitted. Henson’s Twitter is @Thereal Taraji is any of you readers want to shoot your shot. Steve Harvey's so-called self help book, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man is about as sharp in its insights as a dull butter knife.The film doesn't fall far from the tree, and is best taken as a simple rom-com with a bevy of incredible African-American talent taking advantage of a rarely given opportunity to shine.That's not to say that Think Like a Man is a film specifically targeted at African-Americans, because it isn't.

Otherwise, the movie's ending was too much like a fairy tale, too pat. So, I'll have to make time to look at his new series on the USA network, Common Law.Much of the film was shot in actual Vegas locations – the hotel rooms, the club scenes, the strip joint, the jailhouse…It adds a certain sense of verisimilitude to the picture – and allows the cast to really interact with their surroundings.What works best is when the guys are all together, especially during the hilarious basketball scenes, because we get to see the camaraderie and chemistry of the cast come together.Once Harvey steps aside, Kevin Hart takes over as the story's primary narrator, in what is the film's funniest, most endearing performance as the guy who most vehemently values his freedom after a brutal divorce.

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