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if you want to make profiling a part of your continuous integration builds. Previously, we would use Visual Studio's Nu Get integration to perform restore, but this only worked in Visual Studio 2015. For example, you can now choose when the In addition to regular expressions and HTML, Re Sharper 2016.3 lets you inject CSS, Java Script and JSON in C#, Java Script, and Type Script strings.

Re Sharper 2016.3 adds a new quick-fix to introduce fields and auto properties from all unused parameters. Now, the restore mechanism works in all Visual Studio versions (provided that you have . To mark a string literal as containing specific language, use the in the comment to make Re Sharper resolve the string syntax as if prefix and postfix were already a part of the expression inside the string.

(or, depending on your code style, the use of explicit types) in out variables.

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attribute, Re Sharper will conveniently show the completion list with all possible types to reference.This feature comes in handy when you want to contribute to existing projects where indentation differs from your settings. Re Sharper introduces new code style settings for C# type members bodies, allowing you to choose between always using a body block, with braces, or using the expression format.Finally, we've improved C# code formatting engine and introduced new formatting options: (the small icon at the top of the Error Stripe) receives a new context menu.NET Core projects (both 1.1 and 2.0), and ensures that you can run both MSTest and x in . Last but not least, Re Sharper's Solution Builder now supports .NET Core projects, helping you reduce the time you spend recompiling your applications.

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