Dating fender bassman 100

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The SPL rating specifies how loud a speaker is at a distance of one meter when driven by one watt. I don’t know what speaker is in your amp, and even if I did, its specs might not be available.That’s probably a moot point, though—experience tells me that most original speakers in amps of that age are substantially fatigued and generally sound very weak. It's a great-sounding speaker, but with a sensitivity rating of 100 d B, it’s relatively efficient and would probably be pretty loud in that amp.

You need a speaker with a lower audio output, so you should consider the spec known as SPL, or sound pressure level (sometimes called sensitivity).There are a plethora of Bassman ‘heads’ out there, and just as many circuit variations.This leads to some poor soul complaining that his Bassman doesn’t sound like the one used by his favorite guitar player. Well, by following this guide, you can decide which Bassman head is best suited to you.The G12C is more than three d B lower, which equates to approximately half the loudness of the C/S.If you want the least volume from your amp, search for a speaker in the style you like with the lowest SPL rating.

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