Dating violence webquest

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By creating this educational game, your overall attention to risk and safety will improve and you can better protect your health.

Process First, read through the following questions before you begin your internet research.

Your game must include, at minimum, the following items: Be creative!

You may create any kind of game that you choose, within the above parameters.

For the purposes of the game, you will use only the following causes of death: accidents, assault, and suicide.

Two others in the top five are assault and suicide. They are random events that cannot be prevented, right? There are many things you can do to protect yourself from accidents, assault, and the risk of suicide.

Protective factors are things in a person's life that help reduce the risk of harm or poor health.

The article also discusses how awareness of the warning signs of suicide can greatly increase your chances of avoiding it. Have you ever gone through a period of depression in which you experienced any of these symptoms? out these statistics for the year 2002 showing teen fatalities as a result of automobile accidents. The group presented information about how to identify warning signs of violence in teen relationships.

The numbers show how many victims were wearing safety belts and how many were not. these stats about teens and the risks of drinking and driving, and of drinking and walking outside. It also provided ideas for students about how to get help if they are involved in a controlling or violent relationship.

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