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When I got into Ruby on Rails software consulting, I sent out 80 CVs in two weeks to start drumming up business at a rate that would satisfy me. What follows is a description of my own experiences walking this path.I want to relate to you what I liked and disliked about it, and invite you to draw your own conclusions about whether getting involved in the “seduction community” would be right for you.

This part of the PUA experience was so positive for me that I continue to meet new people this way to this day.There are many schools of thought on seduction, from using NLP and hypnosis to cast your coital spells, to applying a deep understanding of social dynamics and high-octane attraction techniques as a way to amplify your animal magnetism.An entire online movement has formed around guys wanting to get better with women, and there is no shortage of companies ready to collect your Visa number in exchange for the secret to sexual nirvana.Learning how to say the right things, be confident in yourself, understanding the many signals that are right in front of your face, now THOSE are Ninja Dating Skills.To learn more Sign Up for our Free Newsletter on Ninja Dating Skills.

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