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Bali’s nightlife is the main drive of its economy, and since the awful terror attack in 2002 it has recovered well and quickly – there are now even more bars, clubs and ladyboys to tickle your fancy.Indonesian transport is seemingly devoid of rules, structure or safety, yet it somehow flows without too many problems.With so many islands receiving surf, you could truly spend a lifetime searching the archipelago’s distant islands for the perfect wave …and, amazingly, you’d be guaranteed to find more than you’d be able to remember.NET technologies and 1 year of experience in MEAN stack, with good knowledge of Database Design, Design Pattern, Object-Oriented Analysis and Design.Learning new languages and technologies is what I am passionate about (I self-taught Django with 3 weeks).

With only 6,000 islands inhabited, it leaves a staggering number (roughly the same as the entire number of islands in the Philippines) which remain uninhabited…

As it is pretty much the hub of the action you will no doubt meet many travelling bodyboarders here to hook up with and share boat costs if you want to escape the carnage and find your own slice of the Indo good stuff.

The dry season is from May to September, when there is consistent swell and seemingly endless offshores.

World-class waves, bath-warm water, tropical climate, rich history and environment, unique biodiversity, varying cultures, ethnicities and peoples, cheap living, great food, and a staggering swell consistency.

The problem isn’t whether you should go to Indonesia, it’s for how long.

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