Push pull strategy dating

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Push: I’m sure I forgot some so please add to this list by commenting at the bottom of the post.The way most of you screw up is that you push, push, push.It’s actually how a normal interaction between a guy with high level social skills and an attractive woman should go.Both have other options so it’s normal that neither would have to push too hard.But if you stay relaxed and say “that was an A kiss dodge, you’re good, but stay on your toes, I’m gonna try again before you know it ” It shows that you are unfazed and confident.The ultimate time to pull away is when she is pushing, but this is fragile because you don’t want to pull away too hard or she’ll get upset/angry/salty and tell you to f-off. I took this girl out for a date after meeting her at a bar.This tension may get you into an uncomfortable state which can develop to (your target’s) loss of attraction. Scarcity: How to Attract Females Imagine the favorite food that you want to eat. When you give too much IOIs (indication of interest) to your target, she may feel uncomfortable with you.

And here’s my response: Ok Matt- first off, you’re doing exactly what you should be doing. In fact, if you’re not called out on being too aggressive at least once in a while, you’re not pushing hard enough.How to Attract Females – Why Scarcity Attracts Women In this article, I’m about to show you one unique trick to help you learn how to attract females. A guy named Tony met a woman with a very lovely face and personality.They had a nice conversation and got her number before they set apart. But she told him that she wants him to be her friend instead.They became friends and Tony started to admire her. But the only problem is that he’s getting insecure because he thinks that she’s not feeling the same way for him. Now he insisted and called her to set another date. Tony called another day and sent 5 text messages to ask her to go out sometime. She started to make excuses to avoid meeting up with Tony.Tony got confused, he didn’t know what he did wrong. Well, the story I gave you may not be specific enough, but the thing that I want to point out is: When you’re showing interest, you are also creating tension.

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