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If it’s a business they may be trying to divert you from our site to competitor sites.

For example, some girls promote adult web cam sites, and these sites may or may not be real.

Our approach to scam prevention We keep one step ahead of illegal activity by developing new technologies to mitigate risks of scammers and detecting the majority of scammer profile accounts before they get the chance to interact with other users, mostly within 24 hours.

Using our own technologies and verification methods we do our best to verify genuine users.

Responding to user complaints about suspicious profiles, we work with third party services that use enhanced techniques to monitor activity and assist in scam prevention. You can reduce the risk of being contacted by a scammer through our messaging system if you ensure that your messenger settings are set to receive messages from verified members only.

Member verification is currently only available for some of our services, so please be aware that the site or app that you are using may not have this feature.

The online phenomenon of “cat fishing” can be disappointing, but it can also be dangerous.

Catfishing is a lot easier to sell on a dating website than it is on a social network.

The reason being, on a social network you can see who people are friends with and get a good glimpse into their “real life.” This is less of a possibility on dating websites.

We may roll out this member verification program across more sites in the future.

If someone is marked as a Verified Member on their profile, it means that they have asked us to verify their identity.

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