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Notice to competitors: All information obtained from this website, including members' addresses, photos, materials, and text can only be used by our clients for private non-commercial use.Use of this information for any commercial purposes without our prior written permission is completely prohibited and will result in prosecution to the fullest extent under the law.Only during Chinese New Year was I willing to buy two tomatoes.At the time, I thought tomato scrambled with egg was a luxurious meal.” Although it was hard, Mei Aicai quickly became independent, and as someone who had never cooked before at home, he gradually learned how to even cook a few specialties.So, everyday he went to the gymnasium to play ping pong and, as a result, he made many Ukrainian friends, and his Russian also gradually improved.Most importantly, Mei Aicai also represented the academy and won 3rd place in the Karkov University Student Competition, a first in the academy’s 100 year-old history.Although his family was not wealthy, Mei Aicai didn’t grow up in hardship either, but when he arrived in Ukraine, the first problem he had to solve was how to feed himself.During the winter in Ukraine, vegetables are very expensive, the price tags all listed prices in kilograms, and no matter what Mei Aicai looked at, he felt he couldn’t afford anything.

Eventually, he resorted to buying a pair of scissors and used a mirror to cut his own hair.

During the first semester at the academy, he spent most of his time playing video games and skipping class.

Mei Aicai felt he didn’t have a goal in life, and wanted to make a change.

12 years ago, Mei Aicai only scored 320 points on the Gaokao examination [out of 750 points].

With this, he thought his academic career was over, and suddenly found himself at a loss for what to do.

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