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He thinks maybe Derek deep down knows he's not better than William. Callie asks Mark if he wants to get a drink, but he has plans. He's really late, but he didn't want her to think he stood her up. He hasn't been on a date for 5 years, so he took a drink to take the edge off. Meredith walks into William's room and tells him about the piece of his skull that got removed. It that area somehow got damaged, it would cause intercranial bleeding, which would result in brain death. He removes his pillow and starts banging his head on the frame of the bed.

She says Derek's been hiding her like a dog hiding a bone, so she can't wait to find out all about her. Jackson wonders why he can't have the man's organs. Callie says this is why she doesn't to do this procedure: you have to live with broken bones for months for a few extra inches.

Alex and Izzie agree Meredith doesn't look too well. Bailey says they have rules to follow, and the man's offer was definitely against the rules. Mark gets you'd be willing to go through a bit of pain and agony for a little bit of pleasure.

Outside the room, Melinda is on the phone with the insurance people again. Meredith informs him they found other organs for the kid. Carolyn walks up to Lexie and asks her if she's a good girl. Carolyn asks her about her sexual partners and criminal record. Callie asks why he doesn't just stop what he's doing.

Richard assures Melinda they're going to do anything to help Jackson. She dreams about them, so she'll keep talking rainbows and crap and make plans for tomorrow, because that's what you do. You face forward and turn your back on the coffins. Sadie raises her hand and draws Bailey's attention. William's ICP is critical, so they have to get him to the OR.

Bailey turns to Sadie and tells her she doesn't trust Sadie. Derek's on the phone with someone who was supposed to pick up his mother at the airport, but she's arrived by bus. She's scared of another personal failure, becuase that would cut her off at the knees. They removed organs from a kid and she doesn't care, as she keeps talking rainbows and relationships.

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