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The Founder Dating site, as with the events, has a special focus on screening for qualifications and experiences — in particular to make sure that people are committed, and are actually recruiting cofounders not employees.The goal is to provide a 50/50 split between technical and business types.If you’re one of the 2.1 million health practitioners in the US (occupational therapists, fitness trainers, social workers, nutritionists, and more), we help you market your services and manage your presence online without the hassle of having to do it yourself.There’s a huge longtail of websites that show up, and they change all the time.

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CH International’s incubator program, Highway1, is delighted to announce Estimote as the winner of its Best Hardware Startup award at the Tech Crunch Disrupt Conference in San Francisco.The insights gained will be invaluable in guiding us as we continue to grow our brand.” PCH International creates, develops, and delivers the world’s best products for the world’s best technology brands.The sponsorship of the Best Hardware Startup award represents PCH’s continued investment in the hardware of the future.This is a major marketing problem, and why being on Yelp alone doesn’t cut it.Finding the right cofounder is often the hardest part of doing a startup, as most anyone with experience will tell you.

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