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He has also expanded his work to include TV shows on MTV and VH1, motivational speeches at Yale, New York University, The Cooper Union School and Carnegie Mellon, and a monthly advice column and book in Japan.

Mobile Fun is the UK's largest online mobile accessory retailer - offering the latest tablet and mobile phone accessories.

A multi-faceted musician and performer, Andrew started his musical career aged four with classical piano lessons; this led on to exploring experimental and fine art interests, where the performer went on to create his own brand of extremely high-energy rock'n'roll.

is probably most famous for his bloody nose, high-life attitude and hit songs such as Party Hard, We Want Fun and You Will Remember Tonight.

We’ve seen some progress on similar themes, but we need to get this on Kickstarter or someone like Microsoft or Samsung interested.

A boy band put together by the mastermind behind Take That say they want to put the fun back into music, after criticising the charts for being too “doom and gloom”.

Then this guy came along and said, ‘I’m going to make you massive! "As well as singing, we can dance too, so we can bring a lot of fun to the stage.” Healey believes there “is a massive gap in the industry for a boy band like us” and added: “ We don’t take ourselves too seriously.

They already have a dedicated fanbase, with many camping outside Martin-Smith’s office for a glimpse of the boys — Cian Gleeson, 20, Joel Healey, 19, Sonny Hardman, 20, from Manchester, Lewis Maxwell, 17, from Liverpool, and Jake Donlan, 20. Songs about people’s dead dogs, and stuff like that.

You might run antennas down the legs to produce an LTE Wi-Fi hotspot or integrate some Bluetooth speakers; motion controllers could be included in the pant legs or sleeves of a shirt.

You could even have some spare USB ports, which could be used to recharge your phone in your pocket (at the expense of battery life elsewhere)… This idea is far from dead — and I encourage Erik or another talented designer to pick up their tablet and start designing these keyboard trousers anew!

We’ve already seen mobile VR with the Samsung Gear VR and the LG 360 VR headset, so why not a wearable mobile keyboard?

As Vlad Savov of points out, manufacturers like Google, Apple and Microsoft already produce tablets with bundled keyboards, so clearly they see some user demand; a desire for a more tactile, full-size typing experience.

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